Effect of Conflict Management on Projects Success: The Case of Ethiopian Highway Construction Projects

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Addis Ababa University


This paper is prepared with the aim of addressing the impact of conflict management on the success of construction projects, with particular focus given to highway projects of Ethiopia. Conflicts arise on a regular basis in our daily lives. Conflict in project management is inevitable. Construction projects have a high risk of conflict because they include people with various backgrounds and orientations working together to accomplish a complex mission. Differences in beliefs, attitudes, needs, priorities, perceptions, resources, and personalities can lead to conflict in project teams. Conflict resolution is a key issue to manage when dealing with diverse stakeholders. By analyzing in depth the most relevant and implicit aspects of conflict, this study focuses on examining how the five main strategies of - avoid, confront, collaborate, compromise and cooperate, in solving common disagreements are adopted by considering different conflict sources. The general consensus that conflict has negative impact on projects success would be assessed in relation to the different causes, cultural implications and the common approaches of conflict resolutions used in construction projects within our country, Ethiopia. To this cause, both primary and secondary data collections sources would be used in order to get a better understanding of the same. Different project stakeholder inputs would be statistically analyzed to see the impact conflicts have in determination of highway construction projects success.



cultural implications, general consensus, cultural implications, management is inevitable