The Relationship between Test Anxiety and Academic Performance at Addis Ababa University Institute of Technology

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships between test anxiety and academic performance of university students. This study employed the mixed methods approach to collect and analyze data. The population of the study was AAIT final year students. The participants of the study were 221 final year engineering students of which 172 were males and 49 females. The mean ages of the participants were 23.34. One scale that is Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI) developed by Professor Emeritus and Dr. Charles D. Spielberger (1980) was individually administered to the participants. Interview questions were also administered. Additionally document mining was employed. Pearson product moment correlation-test and one-way ANOVA were computed to analyze the data. The finding of the study indicate that test anxiety of university students is inversely and significantly correlated with their academic performance with weak relationship (r= -.171). The results suggest that the female university students reported significantly higher test anxiety level compared to their male students counterparts (t = 2.790; df=219;p = <0.001). Again the male university students achieved statistically insignificant difference in their GPAS as compared to the female students (t =-5.866, df =219, p 0.414). There is no significant difference in the academic performance (GPA) among the University students by their levels of test anxiety. More over a further research is recommended in order to examine the existence of gender differences in test anxiety and the impact of test anxiety on academic performance of students at different level of education



Anxiety and Academic Performance