The Marketing of Science and Technology Information Products and Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Study of the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission (Estc)

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis addresses the topic of the marketing of information services and products in Sub Saharan Africa with special reference to Ethiopia. It examines the broadened concept of marketing and how the concept has been applied in the library and information services(LIS) world in general and Sub Saharan Africa in particular. The marketing concept which is a philosophy that advocates a user oriented organization and views users as the lifeblood of the business is also explored. Various marketing models are considered and a network analysis/scheduling model is suggested. The steps in model building were market research and portfolio analysis. The research revealed that marketing strategies are not applied in most LIS in Sub Saharan Africa. Marketing planning is conspicuously absent. Much of what passed for marketing in LIS in Sub Saharan Africa was a variety of discrete activities rather than a planned and coherent programmed Although information services and products exist their utilization is very low. Utilization of information seems to depend on the awareness of its existence. For users to be aware and utilize the information resources , and thus maximize the return on investment marketing planning is suggested. The illustration of the network analysis/scheduling model for marketing planning at the Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission is given.



Information Science