Assessment of Feedback Quality & Utilization on TB Microscopy External Quality Assurance Performance at Selected Public Health Facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Abeba University


Abstract Background: Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused mainly by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis and remains a major cause of ill Health and death worldwide. Ethiopia is one of the 30 highest TB burden countries in the world, Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia is implementing TB Prevention and control program at all level of the Health facility to reach 70% detection rate and to achieve sustainable quality TB service. The performance of TB smear microscopy quality of slide had no improvement in order to mitigate this the laboratories shall participate on continuous EQA and review the feedback by taking corrective action for sustainable performance. Objective: To assess Feedback quality & utilization on TB microscopy EQA performance from Feb - March 2020. Method: Institutional based retrospective and prospective cross sectional study design were conducted at 47 public Health centers which were selected by simple random sampling method from ten sub cities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Data collection was conducted using semistructured questionnaire to assess feedback quality & utilization on TB microscopy EQA performance from February- March 2020. The data was entered by EPI Info version 7 and analyzed by Microsoft Excel, SPSS version 23 and narrative form. Result: The overall TB EQA feedback utilization of Addis Ababa public Health centers showed that only 15.9% of the facilities were using the feedback for improvement by identifying root cause, taking corrective action and follows the effectiveness. On TB microscopy blinded rechecking program feedback which was given for public Health centers from EQA centers have only 6.8% quality that is timely, accurate and reliable. Most of the laboratories have a challenge on competency, lack of commitment and lack of trained laboratory personnel on TB microscopy and quality management system. Conclusion: The performance of Public Health facility laboratories on TB microscopy EQA quality of slide was poor in Addis Ababa, due to the facilities were not utilizing the feedback effectively for improving their achievement. And also regarding a quality feedback EQA centers had gap on timely distributing the feedback for Health facilities and overall feedback content.



EQA, TB microscopy, blinded rechecking, feedback quality and utilization