The Effects of Short duration Kangaroo Mother Care on Neonatal Pain from Adhesive Tape Removal: A Randomized Controlled Trial among Preterm Neonates Admitted to Tikur Anbessa Specialized and Gandhi Memorial Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


Background- Different studies showed that short duration Kangaroo mothers care has a pain reliving effects among preterm neonates exposed to various minor clinical procedures. However, since the responses and assessments of pain in preterm neonates vary in different settings, the study was planned to determine its effect in Ethiopian context. Objective- The aim of this study was to measure the effects of short duration kangaroo mother care onneonatal pain from adhesive tape removal among preterm neonates admitted to Tikur Anbessa Specialized and Gandhi Memorial hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Method- An open label parallel randomized controlled trial was conducted on 156 preterm neonates who were born between 28 and 36 completed weeks of gestation. The neonates assigned to one of the study groups by using block randomization and sequentially numbered sealed envelopes were used to conceal the allocation. Neonates assigned in intervention group received ten minutes of kangaroo mother care before adhesive tape removal while neonates in control group remained in the incubators. The outcome of the study was neonatal pain during adhesive tape removal measuredby using premature infant pain profile score. Independent samples t-test was used to compare the pain scores of the groups during adhesive tape removal and 2 points difference was considered as clinically important difference. Additionally, multilevel mixed effects linear regression analysis was used to determine the effect of the intervention. Result- Ten minutes of kangaroo mother care was able to significantly decrease pain from adhesive tape removal. The observed difference between the two groups [Mean difference= -2.5, 95% CI (-3.9, -1.2), P<0.001] was both clinically and statistically important. The multilevel mixed effects linear regression analysis also showed that, the intervention decreased the pain of the neonates by 2 points than it would be if they were allocated in the control group (β= -2.2, 95% CI (-3.9, -0.5), P=0.01). Conclusion and recommendations- Ten minutes of kangaroo mother care can be used to relief pain from adhesive tape removal among preterm neonates. Among preterm neonates, kangaroo mothers care should be considered as one of neonatal pain management methods during adhesive tape removal.



Kangaroo mothers care