The Role of Tour Operators in Ethiopian Tourism Development

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


If Ethiopia is to effectively exploit its great tourism potentials, it needs to have the appropriate infrastructures and key enablers of the sector. Tour operating firms are key players in the tourism sector. Recognizing this fact, this study is aimed at identifying the major roles played by tour operating flfms in Ethiopia, and their defining characteristics such as their branch distribution, promotional methods they employ, the skills and training of their personnel, and the level of involvement of local communities in their operations. The survey used different instruments to collect data from a sample of 40 different tour operating finns in Addis Ababa. The survey findings indicate that tour operating finns are highly vertically integrated, have low branch distributions in tourist attraction sites, employ a few promotional media, and involve local communities in some forms of tourism activities at tourist destination sites. The sector is also characterized by lack of skilled man power and appropriate infrastructures.



Ethiopian Tourism