Children and Staff Perceptions on the System and Practice of Child Protection in Ngos: The Case of Selected Ngos in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study was initiated to explore the system and practice of child protection in nongovernmental organizations operating in Addis Ababa. In line with this, the structure, function and capacity of their child protection system, the efficiency and sustainability of services, the relation between child protection system and practice and the convergence or divergence of child protection practices among the agencies were aimed to be explored To achieve these objectives, different type of data collection methods were used These include; survey questionnaire, key informant interview and document analysis. The survey questionnaire was filled by 135 respondents; out of which 117 were children and 18 officials/expertsjrom NGOs selected through the use of random and convenience sampling techniques respectively. Key informant interviews were conducted with selected individuals from the three groups. The data collected through the above methods was analyzed and presented descriptively. The findings revealed that: the agencies have established strong cooperation with government agencies, other NGOs, CBOs and beneficiary children, families and communities. Their child protection system is also well governed and managed; and, they have ample human, financial and socio-cultural capacity. Beneficiary children and staff are also satisfied with the efficiency and sustainability of services. Moreover, strong correlations are found between the structure, function and capacity of services and the resulting efficiency and sustainability of services. Finally, no significant differences are found among the agencies in terms of their child protection system and practice. Hence, adopting a systems approach to child protection is confirmed as having an immense importance in improving the efficiency and sustainability of services. Ways of further improving practices have been identified including: strengthening the child protection system in agencies and participation and capacity building of beneficiaries in protecting children among others.



Children, and Staff Perceptions on the System and Practice