Factors Affecting and Challenges of Long Jump Performance in Some Selected First Division Athletics Clubs of Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


This study is conducted with ultimate objective of exploring factors that affect long jump performance. Four sample first division athletics clubs were selected, from six Addis Ababa first division athletics clubs,(Maremia betoch, federal police, Defense and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia) using Comprehensive sampling technique. Thus, the subjects in the study were 29 athletes, 4 coaches, and 4 administrative staff. In this study descriptive survey method was employed. Questionnaire was dominantly used as data collection instrument; unstructured interview, documentary sources and observation were also used in the process. The data gathered through questionnaires were analyzed by using frequency counts and percentages; whereas the data gathered through interview and observation were analyzed. From the data analysis, the major findings obtained were: - There is a gap between the club and coaches. That means the coaches are not motivated by their monthly payment. The support from the club was inadequate. From the findings the major problems and factors that affect long jump performance are lack of scientific method of training and ignorant to the methodology of coaching. As well as the problem of training area lack of qualified coaches for the event, Lack of scientific training methods, lack of psychological skill training. Most of the athletes for long jump were not selected according to talent scouting process and selection criteria, most of them selected according to their current performance. This was one factor and challenge for low performance of athletes in most clubs. Lack of motivation from coach, the concerned body and from their own was also a problem. Lack of interest from athletes in the event because most athletes were joins the event by the push of their coaches. Training area, training method of coaches, coaching styles and lack of competition among clubs were a major factor that affect long jump performance. Lack of attention for the long jump event and qualified coach for each event were also a major challenge for first division athletics clubs of Addis Ababa. Key words: Long jump, performance, training, approach run, take off, flight and landing



Long Jump; Performance; Training; Approach Run; Take Off; Flight and Landing