Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitude And Utilization Of Ict In Selected Private Secondary Schools At Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


The advancement in Information Communication Technology (ICT) provides greater ease of access and use to exploit the benefits of computing for education system as well as enhancing the delivery of quality education. However, there is no adequate information on the level of knowledge and utilization patterns of ICT among students and teachers in Ethiopia. With the aim to assess the knowledge, attitude and utilization of ICT among students and teachers in selected private secondary schools at Addis Ababa City administration, the researcher used a descriptive cross sectional survey which was conducted in ten selected private secondary schools at Addis Ababa, betweenMarch and April2016. A total of 355 study Participants (students and teachers) were randomly selected . The quantitative data were collected using self administered pretested questionnaire. The study was complimented with in-depth interview. Data were exported to SPSS version 20.0 for analysis. A total of 257 students and 98 teachers participated in the study and about 159(44.79%) of the respondents had satisfactory knowledge. Around 99(27.9%) of the respondents had at least one computer at home and 283(79.7%) of study subjects had Internet access mostly from their home using personal computers and cell phones. The study indicated that students and teachers had low knowledge level and poor utilization status of ICTs. About 330(93%) of study participants had positive attitude towards ICT. The utilization rate of computer was 140(39.4%) for all respondents. The findings also indicate that the need for improving the existing ICT course in the curriculum to be more skill oriented and also its better to give formal in-service ICT related trainings for teachers would result an asset for both the school and students. Further, it is recommended that schools(investors) as well as MOE should consider and assist in improving the ICT facilities for students and teachers with the aim of delivering quality education



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