An Assessmet of Road And Drainage Infrastructure System Integration And Provision In Shire-Indasilassie Town, Tigray

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Addis Ababauniversity


Wilh increasing Irend of urbanizalion, provision of adequate urban Slorm water drainage facililies plays greater role in maintaining communily safety and municipal asset from flood hazard However, development of Ihese syslems is al its infant level in many of the secondary towns of Ethiopia. Shireindasilassie is one of the secondmy lawns in Ethiopia where huge amount of resource is depleted yearly al household and municipal level because of flooding. Despite Ihe huge deslruclion of Ihe public reSOllrce, seriousness of Ihe problem is, however, nOI well recognized by municipal aUlhorities. IYmradays. Ihe ideal location of Ihe lawn wilh respeci 10 lawns such as Gondar, Humera. and Mekele is am'acling people from Ihe nearby rural hillleriands and consequenlly exacerbale Ihe problem offlooding alld illegal mulliplicalion of slums and squaller selliements ill Ihe town. These situalions Irigger the researcher 10 select this research problem in Ihe lawn under discussion. Cognizanl of Ihe deplh and breadlh of the problem, Ihe main i11lel1lion of Ihe researcher in conducting this swdy was to assess the cOlldition of USWD system. delermine the eXlenl of road and USWD il1legration, and assess Ihe risk of .flood hazard wilhin the COl1leXI of Ihe social, economic, physical and inslilutional almosphere of Ihe lown. For Ihe accomplishment of Ihese objectives, the researcher employed mix of qualitalive and qualllilative data from households and 1'Orious responsible municipal authorilies. Result of Ihe study c1earl" shows Ihal Ihe exisling USWD facililies in Ihe town are inadequate to properly remove urban storm water in the 10H'n. As a result of Ihis, huge resources are depleled yearly bOlh at household and municipal level. Resull of the household sUlTey on flood damage also reveals that income level of Ihe majorilY of Ihe households in Ihe town is unable to solve the financial burdens of flood damage. The basic impeding facto rs for USWD developmenl, according 10 the findings of Ih is research, are disil1legrated infrastruclural managemenl. lack of qualified human power and lack of adequale finance. Finally, Ihe researcher recommends Ihe municipalilY to strenglhen Ihe capacilY of human power and eSlablish H"Orkable organizational structures conducive for communication of the variou5 slakehold2rs and inlegration of related injraslruclural deparlmel1ls Key Words: Gi'ban Storm !l'ater Drainage, Road injraslruclure, Conventional Storm WaleI' Drainage Sntems, Source Control Measures 10 Flooding, impervious sUljaces, Infiltration



System Integration And Provision In Shire-Indasilassie Town, Tigray