Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Some Selected Secondary Schools of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this research is to investigate factors that influence job satisfaction of teachers. The research problem assesses teachers’ job satisfaction in selected secondary schools of Addis Ababa. It examines the demographic aspects from the perspective of gender, work experience and the level of job satisfaction in relation to school type. To this end, a descriptive survey was made and the research employed primary data sources using quantitative data collection procedures. The questionnaires were taken from Lester’s (1987) TJSQ . Two hundred five teachers from 12 selected schools (both from private and government) responded to the questionnaires. Mann-Whitney U test was used to conduct test of differences on the dependent variables. The distribution on the dependent variables was observed to be kurtosis. In most aspects of their work, teachers are significantly dissatisfied. Female teachers are found to be satisfied in the working condition factor. Most of them work in government schools. Experienced teachers are relatively satisfied with the compensation (pay benefit) and with the supervision factor. Teachers with nine years and more experience were significantly satisfied with their work. As to the level of satisfaction in relation to school type, government school teachers are found to be more satisfied in the working condition factor. Private school teachers on the other hand are relatively satisfied with other factors like compensation and teachers recognition factor. Schools should strongly work on teachers’ job satisfaction for the benefit of students and the entire educational system



Addis Ababa