Identifying Factors Affecting the Diffusion of Bank Fusion Universal Bank CORE Banking System: The Case of Awash International Bank S.Co.

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis investigates the factors influencing the slow diffusion progress of Bank Fusion Universal Banking CORE Banking solution in Awash International Bank. While several studies exist investigating factors influencing information system adoption by organizations, this thesis is different in it tries to identify factors affecting the diffusion of an information system innovation. Thus, the present thesis considered the factors influencing the diffusion of BFUB CORE banking system by employees of AIB. To evaluate the factors affecting the diffusion of the innovation in AIB, Roger’s (1995) DOI model, Tornatzky and Fleischer ‘s (1990) TOE model, andRoger’s (2003) perceived attributes of technological innovation were adopted. The research started with the identification of the research problem and questions, and a review of related literature. The data collection included a process of data collection via questionnaire designed based on variables extracted from constructs and conducted to 145 employees, covering different salaries, ages educational background and job categories stages. The outcome of the study implies that there is complexity of the innovation and not enough time given for training to internalize the innovation. These two factors falls in the social and technological context of the conceptual framework of the study. The study recommended ways to get rid of these factors for a smooth and rapid innovation diffusion process in AIB. The study also directs future similar studies to include measuring the rate of diffusion of other new financial technologies like ATM, POS and IB.



Identifying Factors Affecting;CORE Banking System