Practices and Barriers on Deployment of Electronic Medical Record (Smart Care) in Addis Ababa City Administration Hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The deployment (implementation) of electronic medical record in Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau hospitals were done from in 2011. In five hospitals Practices such as utilization, perception, confidentiality and privacy and barriers during implementation are necessary to assess the deployment. Other studies gave emphasis on those. Objectives: To assess the practices and barriers on deployment of electronic medical record (smart care) in Addis Ababa regional hospitals. Methods A cross sectional survey using self-administered questionnaires and complemented by a qualitative data using interviews was conducted in April 2013 at Addis Ababa city administration health bureau hospitals in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. 422 Study subjects were selected by random sampling method for quantitative and 5 study subjects selected by purposive sampling for interviews. The collected data was cleaned, coded and fed to SPSS 20.0. Descriptive statistics on their perception, utilization, barriers and privacy and confidentiality issues were calculated. Finally results were presented in text, tables and graphs. Results: the study finding showed that users had good perception to use and the overall utilization of Smart Care was not good. Because the implementation practice was not similar in all hospitals means two of them interconnected and others used now for data entry. Also qualitative findings indicate that work flow interference, simplicity, training and quality of work were in good position on user perspective and barriers that hinder the implementation process these are connection problems, lack of single responsible body, technical and financial support problem, follow up from health bureau and venders. Conclusion and recommendation: from the finding perception is not a big problem in user’s side. The major problem were; functionality of system, unable to generate monthly report, common securing mechanism, connection, follow-up and support from concerned body, continues and planned training and structured and organized culture of a practice. Thus, it is essential to improve handling the strength and overcoming those challenges to make practice sustainable and adhere the smart care through users.



Deployment of Electronic Medical Record, (Smart Care)