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Title: Problem Of Teacher Attrition In Secondary Schools Of Gambella Region
???metadata.dc.contributor.*???: Ato Haileselassie W/Gerima, (Assistant Professor)
Temesgen, Birega
Keywords: Gambella region and identifying possible solutions to minimize;tumover and increase teacher retention.
Issue Date: Jun-2005
Publisher: Addis Ababa University
Abstract: This study was aimed at investigating the problem of teacher attrition in secondary schools of Gambella region and identifying possible solutions to minimize tumover and increase teacher retention. To conduct the study, a descriptive survey method was employed in order to obtain pertinent information concerning the current state of problem of teacher attrition in secondary schools in the region. All govemment secondary schools (N=6) were included in the study. Since teachers and school administrators are the appropriate and knowledgeable bodies to respond to the problem of teacher attrition, purposive sampling technique was employed to include them. Hence, all available teachers (N=120) and school administrators {N=22) of secondary schools were involved in filling questionnaires to provide flrst hand information. Quantüative data collecting format was also employed in order to secure quantitative data on the number of teacher tumover and on the number of university/ college graduates-those wholwere assigned in and those who were reponed to the region in :he period of 1 993 E.c. to 1996 E.c. 9 Data analysis was made by using statistical tools such as percentage, mean score and Spearman's rank correlation coefficient to identify whether there were differences or agreements among the respondents on several variables. The study revealed that average teacher tumover in secondary schools per annual in the four years period (1993 E.C. to 1996 E. C.) for degree and diploma holders were 23.1 per cent and 5.5 per cent respectively. Among the new graduates, 80.2 percent of degree holders failed to report to the region within the four years period (1993 E. C. to 1996 E.C.). The study also revealed that the major identified reasons explaining problem of teacher attrition in secondary schools were the absence of transfer, inadequate salary, poor administration (both at school and system levels), low social status, unfauorable climatic condition, insecurity of work place, lack of housing service and scarcity of instructional materials. Finally, the study discussed the problems encountered as a result of teacher tumover in the teaching~leaming process and the possible strategies to retain teachers and to attract new candidates to the region.
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