Tidal Force and Torque on the Crust of Neutron Stare

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Addis Ababa University


The long term evolution of the relative rotation of the core super fluid in a neutron stare with respect to the rest of the star is determined through Legase modal.The core superfluid rotates at a different rate ,while spinning down at the same steady-state rate as the rest of the star, because of the assumed pinning between the superfluid vortices and the superconductor fluxoids.We find that the magnitude of this rotational lag changes with time and also depends on the distance from the rotation axis; the core superfluid supports an evolving pattern of differential rotation. We argue that the predicted change of the lag might occur as discrete events which could result in a sudden rise of the spin frequency of the crust of a neutron star, as is observed at glitches in radio pulsars. This new possibility for the triggering cause of glitches in radio pulsars is further supported by an estimate of the total predicted excess angular momentum reservoir of the core superfluid. The model seems also to offer resolutions for some other aspects of the observational data on glitches. The goal of this project is to show the tidal effect on the differential motion of the crust with respect to the core of the neutron star from that we find the redistribution of angular velocity and tidal locking time for the crust core interaction of neutron stare



Tidal Force and Torque