Factors that Hinder the Effectiveness of Addis Ababa City Football Club

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Addis Ababa University


Today football is more than a Game. It enables a country to develop economic social relationship, politically and an instrument to build national images. The purpose of this thesis was to study factors that hinder the effectiveness of Addis Ababa city football club, found in Addis Ababa city administration. The sample of the subject consist of 4 committee members, 4 Addis Ababa city football club officials , 6 coaching staffs, 25 main team players and 15 grass root players of Addis Ababa city football club from total 54 population. The researcher used purposive sampling techniques. To conduct a research both quantitative (using simple percent), qualitative and descriptive survey method were employed. A collected data suggests those factors hinder the effectiveness of the club under investigation. The result of the study indicates that some factors that hinder the effectiveness of Addis Ababa city Football club as compared to the period of their establishment as well as the objective of the club. Major findings of the study are concerned majority of the respondents stated that, the factors is lack of football facilities, Finance, Accommodation, standard playground and lack of daily balanced diet for the players. As a general, if the above mentioned paints are taken in to practices the researcher believes that the effectiveness of Addis Ababa city football club will be improved.



Club, Football, Effectiveness, Hinder, Factors