Causes of Delay in Public Building Construction Projects: A Case of Addis Ababa City Administration Public Building Construction Projects

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Addis Ababa University


This study intended to assess the causes of delay in public building construction projects in Addis Ababa under taken by grade one contractors. In this project work 42 delay causing events in the public building construction projects were identified and categorized in to 5 main category groups and the most important and critical causes of delay causing factors were evaluated and ranked based on the RII values from the data collected. The method used for data collection was a questionnaire survey group of respondents form clients, consultants and contractors on the ongoing 28 projects that include senior professionals in the construction industry. The data collected was through a questionnaire survey. The respondents reply was ranked according to the RII and the rankings were tested for their agreement via spearman coefficient. The findings show that the top ten factors that cause construction delays in the public building construction projects in Addis Ababa are: (1) Difficulty in project financing; (2) Poor Project management system; (3) Delay in issuance of designs and working drawings; (4) Shortage of availability of imported construction materials; (5) Design errors and complexity of designs;(6)Delay in progress payments for completed works; (7) Late start & resource mobilization to site; (8) Financing problems; (9) Inaccurate Site investigation Report;(10) Price Inflation. This project work finally forwarded relevant recommendations in view of the research objectives and based on the findings of the study towards reducing and mitigating the delay causing factors. The key suggestions forwarded were: Owners should possess comprehensive financial plan, hire competitive contractors and consultants to the works. Consultants should avoid delay in response to any clarifications, avoid design errors, prepare a comprehensive final designs and working drawings. Finally contractors should develop financial plans, establish strong project management system and mobilize resources immediately after site possession



Delay, Delay Causes, Public Building Construction