The Relationship between Consumers’ Attitude towards Packaging Attributes and Perceived Food Quality, Value and Brand Preference (The Case of Fruit Juice Products)

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Addis Ababa University


Due to increasing self-service and changing consumers’ lifestyle the interest in packaging as a tool of sales promotion and stimulator of impulsive buying behavior is growing increasingly. Although the increase in point-of-purchase decisions heightens the communication potential of food product packaging, empirical research on understanding whether packaging attributes create consumers’ subsequent product and brand evaluations and perceptions is scant. In addition, literature analysis on question under investigation has shown that there is no agreement on classification of packaging elements. This study seeks to empirically reveal important elements of package and to examine whether attitudes towards food product packaging attributes create value perception and brand preferences through perceived product quality. A group-administered questionnaire developed from the literature was conducted, and 300 undergraduate students participated in the study. The empirical results show that graphics, color, shape, size and material are important visual elements and product information, producer, country-of-origin and brand are important verbal elements. Moreover, the empirical results show that attitude toward packaging attributes has a direct and positive relationship with consumers’ perceived food product quality and brand preference, but has indirect positive relationship with food product value. Perceived food product quality also indirectly and positively related with brand preferences through product value. Based on the study findings, food firms should emphasize both visual and verbal packaging attributes to form consumers’ positive perceptions and brand preference. Keywords: Product packaging attributes, Perceived quality, Perceived value, Brand preference



Product packaging attributes, Perceived quality, Perceived value, Brand preference