Bacteriological Quality of Bovine Milk in Small Hollder Dairy Farms In Debre Zeit, Ethiopa

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The critical control l point in milk handling, determination of bacterial load of In milk at each critical control points and farm water, isolation and identification of bacterial pathgens in milk were determined from .september2003 to march 2004 .A total f 178 raw milk ample form various critical points , and 77 farm water sample were taken three times from 27 small holder dairy farm of Adaa-Libcn district dairy and dairy products producers and marketing co-operative society Pasteurized milk sample (n= 100) were taken from mama milk processing plant. Specific gravity alcohol and Californian mastitis were used as screening test and total aerobic plate counts (TA P C) and coliforrn count • from milk and the most probable num be r (MPN ) of coliforn count from farm water were conducted. Isolation and identification of the bacteria in the milk was conducted following standard method.



Milk TAPC, Coli form, MPN, Raw, Pasteurized, Critical points, CMT