Implication of Logistics Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction: the Case of Jumia Online Market

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the implication of logistics service quality dimensions on customer satisfaction. In addition it measures customer satisfaction level and the logistics service quality of Jumia online Market. The seven dimensions of logistics service quality model i.e. information quality, order procedure, timeliness, order condition, order accuracy, order discrepancy handling and personnel contact quality were used to measure the logistics service quality of Jumia online market. In order to answer the raised research questions, both primary and secondary sources of data were used. The primary data was collected through administrating questionnaire. A combination of purposive and convenient sampling technique was used to obtain 96 responses from customers of Jumia online market who had made purchases recently. Correlation analyses were used to investigate the relationship between dependent and independent variables. Regarding the satisfaction level measurement, 52.7% of respondents are satisfied and 28.6% are highly satisfied with the logistics service provided by Jumia online market. The correlation results indicate that there is a positive correlation between the dimensions of logistics service quality and customer satisfaction. The research showed that timeliness and order procedure plays the most important role in customer satisfaction level followed by Order accuracy, Information quality, Order discrepancy handling, Order condition and Personnel contact quality respectively. From the seven logistics service quality dimensions, timeliness is the least scored one on the perception measurement. Jumia online market should give focus to improve logistics service quality items of this specific dimension by enforcing seller to make a commitment on availing the orders as soon as they are placed, to make time gap between order placement and receipt shorter, and continuous follow up of delivery partners is mandatory as it has significant impact on delivering products on the promised date. Key Words: Customer Satisfaction, Logistics Service Quality, Online market



Customer satisfaction, Logistics service quality, Online market