Influences on Media Contents: an Investigation on Ebc and Sheger Fm 102.1 Radio

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Addis Ababa University


This study seeks to identify the sources, causes, and also outcomes of the improper influences on media contents by outlining three broader levels: extra-media; organizational, and within media influences. It is carried out on two broadcasting media organizations in Ethiopia-the EBC and Sheger 102.1 FM radio station. A quantitative methodology is applied for the study. Hence, questionnaires were distributed to sixty journalists working in the two stations. Accordingly, the finding demonstrates that the media contents of these two stations are very much succumbed to the influences emanating from various sources and in various degree and outcomes. Still worse, it is also found out that the stations have no as such viable mechanisms that shield their media contents from the influences. The study has further attempted to illuminate the typically serious and damaging sources of the improper influences along with their underlying causes and gruesome consequences on the media contents of the two broadcasting stations. Besides, it has shown the utmost need for media organizations themselves, the media professionals and their associations, the government, and other stakeholders to protect what’s known as freedom of the press particularly editorial and journalistic independences from the improper influences.



on Ebc and Sheger Fm 102.1 Radio