Assessing User Satisfaction With Erp System Usage: a Case Study in Mesfin Industrial Engineering (Mie)

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Addis Ababa University


A review of user satisfaction with ERP system usage show that a better IS success models are required that helps to precisely identify and measure factors to boost the user satisfaction. The main objective of this study examined factors affecting user satisfaction with the ERP system usage. To address the purpose, this study developed a conceptual model based on DeLone and McLean IS success model and relevant prior studies which validated the effect of variables on the user satisfaction empirically in the local setup. A mixed research approach was used to collect data from the respondents; which supports to validate the research model and explore the in-depth understanding of the user perception. Correlation analysis and linear regression analysis was used to realize the association among constructs and to determine the predictive power of the variable respectively. The study found that the user satisfaction with ERP system usage is predicted via variables stated in the proposed conceptual research model. The results also confirm system quality, technical support, management support and social capital as significant antecedents that enhanced the user satisfaction. Besides, the findings suggest that in addition to DeLone and McLean IS success model constructs, a social capital and management support play a vital role in boosting user satisfaction with the ERP system usage.



Assessing User Satisfaction, Erp System Usage:, Erp System Usage: