Customers Trust Building Framework for E-hailing Service in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Trust is a very important element in the success of e-commerce. The lack of customer trust is one of the focused issues today as the world moves toward the advanced information and technology era. This research aims to investigate the major determinates of customers’ trust and tried to propose a framework to build consumers' trust toward e-hailing service. The research examines the factors that determine consumers’ trust by understanding the concept of trust, reviewing several trust-related models, frameworks, and recommended by other scholars. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis were employed to investigate how the respondents perceive the factors to be, to feel trust in e-commerce. The analysis is done using SPSS statistics version 20. Frequencies, percentages, and regression analysis were used for discussion for the questionnaire collected from the respondents. The data were collected through questionnaires using a convenience sampling technique from 384 respondents of e-hailing service users. The findings of this study indicate that Customer service, Perceived Security, Assurance, Reputation, and Familiarity determines consumers' trust are critical factors that significantly determine consumers trust toward e-hailing service. Other factors such as Brand, Website/ Application Quality, and Perceived Privacy also have a close association with trust toward e-hailing services. The proposed trust building framework was evaluated by selected respondents from the participants during the survey. The proposed trust building framework will reduces customers trust issues as well it helps to build and enhance customers’ trust toward e-hailing services. Accordingly, there is a need to implement the proposed framework which will have a major contribution for the electronic transportation sector in Ethiopia.



E-Hailing, Trust, E-Commerce, Framework