Literary Style and Historical Meaning: a Study of Three Amharic Historical Novels

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose or this research is to identify and analyze the prominent and recurrent literary devices or three historical novels: Yohannes, Alula Aba Nega and Aba Kostir. Moreover, the study will classify, characterize and analyze the various styles in the works mentioned so as to bring out their historical meanings. The thesis has an introduction and this consists review of related literature, a brief discussion or the above historical noves and purpose of the study. Besides, the introduction consists definitions or style and historical novel and discusses the scope of the study. Moreover. this study is divided in to three chapters. Chapter one deals with the dominant and frequently occurring stylistic devices in Yohannes and Alula Aba Nega. Chapter two attempt» to identify and explain the recurrent literary devices in AbaKostir. The third and last chapter will deal with a comparative study or the styles of the historical novels under study. This will be followed by the conclusion and this suuunarizcs the research. Interviews conducted with the authors or the historical novels under study are presented in the form of appendixes at the end or the thesis.



A Study of Three Amharic Historical Novels