The Effect of Customer Experience on the Share of Wallet Across Pharmaceutical Wholesalers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Ababa University


The focus of businesses worldwide is to increase customer satisfaction and hence customer loyalty. But this traditional approach neglects the important role of Share of wallet. This study aims to identify factors that affect the share of wallets among pharmaceutical wholesalers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There is a lack of study on the effect of customer experience on share of wallet in Ethiopia as well as globally which in turn result in a knowledge gap. Therefore, this study fills the gap in the literature. A quantitative approach using a convenience sampling technique, and a crossectional study was conducted for this research. SPSS V20 was performed to analyze the data. Descriptive and binary logistic regression statistical tools were used to examine the relationship between Customer experience attributes and Share of Wallet. The self-administrated questionnaire was used to assess the customer experience of the pharmacies across Addis Ababa (Value, Customer Service, Delivery, and Demand Forecasting) while one item was used to measure the share of wallet (SOW); the outcome variable. The study result reveals that Delivery and Demand Forecasting was a positive significant predictor of share wallet across pharmaceutical wholesalers across Addis Ababa. On the contrary, the hypotheses testing revealed that Value and Customer service were nonsignificant predictors of share of wallet across pharmaceutical wholesalers across Addis Ababa. Lastly, practical recommendations were raised.