Assessing Implementation Challenges Of Agent Banking Project: Evidence From Project Team Members Of Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This research project aims to assess implementation challenges of agent baking project in case of commercial bank of Ethiopia hoping that the finding of the research will add value to various stakeholders for decision making as well as serving as a momentum for further research work in the field. In order to achieve the objective of this study the researcher adopted a descriptive research design and employed mixed research approach whereby both quantitative and qualitative types of data were used. This descriptive study was conducted based on the data gathered from agent banking team members of commercial banks of Ethiopia (CBE). The population of the study was agent banking project team members of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE). The researcher used census sampling method with a target population of 32 CBE staff agent banking project team members. 32 research questioners were distributed of which 30 of the research questioners were returned. Sample data was collected by use of questionnaire. Personal Interviews were also conducted to validate the data obtained from the questionnaires. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and used tables, percentage, mean and standard deviation to improve the presentation of the analyzed results for ease of interpretation. Finally, study showed that the following major challenges facing up the implementation of agent banking project in commercial bank of Ethiopia(CBE); Level of development of ICT infrastructure, Lack of frequent training and support to the agents, In adequate telecommunication infrastructure, Agents inadequately prepared for the adoption of new system, sharing of responsibility among the project team members, Education level of agents and customers, Network failure and road infrastructure, Lack of delivery of required equipments, Lack of technical and managerial skills on the use technological innovation, Continuous technology innovation, Customers willingness to accept agent banking and Insufficient training for project team members. The study recommended bank to consider organizational, technology, awareness based factors, focusing on to invest more time on awareness creation, credibility, security, ease of use, and availability to exploit the benefit of agency banking while the management should support banking sector by facilitating sufficient ICT, road and telecommunication infrastructure development and to consider the competitive advantage of agency banking.



banking industry, project implementation, challenges of agency banking in Ethiopia.