Regulating E-Commerce in Ethiopia: Lessons from the Rules of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange

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Addis Ababa University


In a very short time span, e-commerce has emerged to claim a major share of the business and economic headlines. It has the potential to radically alter existing economic and social structures and arrangements.As a result, most governments are taking an active role in determining the regulatory environment surrounding the implementation and development of ecommerce. In Ethiopia, the existing laws which regulate commercial transaction were enacted before cyber- world and hence, they are not capable of facilitatinge- transactions. Hence, The Federal Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of communication and information Technology has prepared a draft e-commerce law with a view to solve the hurdles the existing laws create for the development of e-commerce within the country. On the other hand, ECX has a rule that regulate e-commerce which is conducted within the institution. Hence, the main purpose of this paper is to examine this rule of the exchange to ascertain the sufficiency of the rule to regulate e-commerce with a view to draw an experience for the regulation of e-commerce in Ethiopia.



e-commerce,Regulating E-Commerce,Rules of Ethiopian Commodity Exchange