Structural Design, Modeling and Rollover Stability Analysis of Four Wheeler Bajaj (Bajaj Qute)

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Addis Ababa University


Four-wheeled Bajaj Qute becoming a major means of transportation for short distances in Ethiopia. The current structure of the Bajaj Qute extends the Vehicle not be used in a most populated area like Addis Ababa which indicate that there is strong room for improvement in this huge market of the vehicle. The primary objective of this research is structural design, modeling and rollover stability analysis of four-wheeler Bajaj (Bajaj Qute) sated objective primarily geometrical modeling using SOLID WORK 18 software of existing Bajaj Qute structure was developed with wheel base vs truck width ratio of 1.47 and following the same procedure model-2 of Bajaj Qute structure with wheel base vs truck width ratio of 1.27 was developed. Based on formulated geometry static structural analysis for four basic loading case in addition to torsional stiffness has been performed for two models of Bajaj Qute structure by employing ANSYS 19.1 software and for impact analysis ANSYS 19.1 with explicit dynamic was utilized and three model of frontal panel with the same dimensions but having different number of holes with hole size of 10mm has been developed. Generally, from static structural analysis of models there is increment of torsional stiffness of Bajaj Quit structure with 33%. Using static stability factor and height of center of gravity relation for rollover stability analysis, it is found that angle of tilt (critical angle) for existing Bajaj Qute structure was Ɵ=53.230 whereas for new model it becomes Ɵ=56.650 which indicate that new model of Bajaj Qute have capable to withstand rollover if accident encountered and for impact simulation of frontal panels of three models, it is found that internal energy developed for models varies while of thin-walled tube (hollow) in frontal panel and the variation is accordingly that is 10.4KJ , 14.82KJ and 19.4KJ respectively .



Bajaj Qut, torsional stiffness, rollover stability, SOLID WORK 18.0, ANSYS workbench 19.1, static stability factor, internal energy