Governance and Service Delivery in Gambella City Administration

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Gambella city is the capital of the Gambella regional states. Despite its status as the capital of the region, it has an abysmal record in terms of providing basic services. The water supply network of the Gambella city, let alone of the region, is in an extremely bad shape. Only 50 percent of the population of the city has access to clean drinking water. The current supply system is designed for population of 40,000 to serve for 20 years. It however serves more than 67,000 residents of the city. The total length of distribution pipe work is estimably to be 37 kilometers. Based on this system only about 2,240 customers who receive portable water. With respect to the provision of health services, there are two health stations in the city. However only one of the health stations actually provides services all residents of the city. Education is the only sector which is correspondingly provided in 5 kebeles of the city among the state service as each kebeles has the same number of primary school except 01 and 02 Kebeles. The municipal services are not also in better shape. For the purpose of analysis in qualitative approach, public service problems are conducted from official non official documents. In order to ensure the analysis interview had been conducted. This study hence seeks to investigate whether the malfunction of the city is linked to the institutional (constitutional, policy and legislative) design of the city government system.



local government, autonomy, political institution, service delivery