Representation of Women in Ethiopian National News Media Decision-Making

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Addis Ababa University


This research explores the representation of women in the Ethiopian national news media decision-making and the factors that deter women from enjoying equal participation in decision-making. The research focuses on national news media as these media are influential in the country due to their capacity to reach nationwide. Researches in relation to media and communications are scarce in the country leave alone on specific issues like women and media. Among the very few efforts of research made on the area the available studies are traditional or nonjeminist researches whose centre of research are not women. Few researches have been conducted on the content of news media and women. This research, however, focuses on the representation of women in national news media specifically on their representation in decision making. The research is carried out from a feminist point of view, in that it not only makes its centre women but also has employed feminist research methodology. The major methodological approach is qualitative research. Quantitative research is also employed in order to substantiate the findings of the qualitative research. Accordingly, in-depth interview, focus group discussion and desk review methods have been used to collect data. Findings of the research show that women in the Ethiopian national news media are still absent in top decision-making positions and women joumalists are not only aware of this fact but also are conscious of some factors affecting women's participation in decision-making. In this respect some major factors arose from the descriptive and empirical data analysis as affecting women's participation in decision-making in terms of women's equal opportunities to decision-making and gendered division of labour. These are among others, lack of equal opportunities for promotion in decision-making, the masculine culture of newsrooms, male managers' attitudes towards women leadership and women's aspiration for decision-making positions and career achievements.



Women in Ethiopian National News Media