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Addis Ababa Universty


Abstract Introduction: Ethiopia is the main endemic focus of louse borne relapsing fever. Borrelia recurrent is the etiologic agent for louse-borne relapsing fever and occurs as epidemic under conditions of poor socioeconomic status, overcrowding, poverty, draught and famine. Therefore, the aim of investigation was to investigate the occurrence outbreak of relapsing fever, identify the risk factors and suggest practical control measures to alleviate the disease burden of the community. Methods: We conducted facility based unmatched case control study to investigate the outbreak. All patients from 3 January to 29 January 2018 were included. fifty patients un matched with hundred controls that had no previous history of relapsing fever and admitted to for other case in the facility. Study was conducted in on a daily basis and data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel and Epi-Info version Results: Among all confirmed patients 100% (50), was male. There was no death during the outbreak. Mean age of case and control was 26,31 years respectively and their median age was 24,32 years respectively. Statistically significant associations were Mass sleeping (AOR = 6.2, 95% CI [2.02-19.06]), who did not change cloth at night (AOR = 8.8, 95%CI [1.5-50.8]) and residency status at street (AOR = 26.4, 95%CI [4.79-145.5]) and residency status at daily bed room (AOR=48.2,95%CI [7.5-83] showed a statistically significant association. Those Not changing cloth at night was about eight times, Mass sleeping was six times, residency status on street was about twenty-six times and residency status on daily bed room was about forty-eight times likely hood of acquiring relapsing fever compare to those who change cloth at night, who did not sleep in mass and not sleeping in street and daily bed room. Conclusion: Among all case mass sleeping in street, daily bed room and lack of alternative clothes change at night were source and risk factor for the outbreak. Education on the transmission of Relapsing Fever was given to homeless and daily laborer people. The outbreak was contained due to prompt interventions taken and strong preventive measures were recommended to prevent emergence of future outbreak of relapsing fever.



endemic focus of louse borne relapsing fever