“Integration of Light Rail Transit with other Public Transport Modes: The case of East-West light Rail Transit Corridor in Addis Ababa”

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis was conducted to asses and review current public transportation system in Addis Ababa city and to highlight the challenges of transport system in Addis Ababa. It was also conducted to recommend efficient public transport system for the society by integrating demand responsive transport service with newly constructed light rail transport in the city along the selected corridor from Ayat to Meskel square. The research was based on the primary data collected at the field and secondary data obtained from concerned government organization. Primary data were collected by identifying ten major stations and count the number of passenger originated from each station and travel time of the vehicles for each trip. The location of the stations also determine by using geographic positioning system (GPS). This research tried to create an integrated network system between demand responsive vehicle (Minibus) and fixed route system (LRT) by using the software called TransCAD. The number of demand responsive vehicle needed for each trip was determined using excel software. Geographic information system (GIS) Arc map were also used to prepare and edit input data. The results obtained through the assessment indicated the demand of the public transport and the provided services are not proportional in the city. It was found that shortage of service quantity, low level of safety, poor service quality, poor service accessibility, inappropriate vehicle type and size and lack of integrated network design are the major problems that exist in the city. The overall finding of the thesis shows that 75.68% of the total trips use the existing route to travel from their origin to destination; around 10.81% of the trips use only light rail vehicles to travel from their origin to destination and the rest 13.51% of the trips use integrated trip. iii In conclusion, this thesis highlighted the public transport system in the Addis Ababa and has identified the current problem that exists in the city and has established a physical integrated network along the selected light rail corridor.



transport Engineering