The Practice of Inclusive Education in Andinet International School, Addis Ababa

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Addis ababa University


This research aims at describing the practice of inclusive education in Andinet International School, Addis Ababa. This study reviews some of the key issues on inclusive education. By using qualitative descriptive case study design, the study described the perception of inclusive education, the available resources, the interventions and challenges to implement inclusive education. In this study, case study research with purposive sampling was utilized. Data was obtained through key informant with the special educational needs expert, in-depth interview with 8 special educational needs teachers and 5 school teachers and document analysis. In addition, data that was obtained through in-depth and key informant interview was analyzed by using thematic analysis. The finding indicated that, the perception towards inclusive education is seen from education for all, social development and academic improvement perspective. The available resources are human, assets and teaching aids. The interventions are language skills, mathematical skills, gross & fine motor skills, adaptive & social skills. The study also found different challenges while implementing inclusive education; knowledge of inclusive education by parents of students with learning disability, parents of regular students, student population, administrators, teachers, specialists and other supporting staff, in availability of enough space to receive more students with learning disabilities, lack of updated assessment and teaching resources, lack of inclusive culture in school, lack of other professionals such as; speech pathologist, special education experts, trained school psychologist, occupational therapist and physical exercise specialist. Further research is encouraged that improve the implementation of inclusive education. Key words: Inclusive education, Intervention, Perception, Resource, Challenge



Inclusive education, Intervention, Perception, Resource, Challenge