Dynamic Simulation of Fluid Sloshing Effect on Fluid Transporting Freight-wagon

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Addis Ababa University


The discussion and definition of the MBS (Multi Body Simulation) parameters and the methods and the types of the MBS softwares along with their special features and advantages has been stated in the start of this thesis so as to get cleared on what is going to be done in MBS title. Different related previously published and reference written articles of literatures regarding the idea of fluid dynamic simulation have then been described to focus on the expected results of this thesis. Also, the limitation and the focusing area have been fortunately guided by these literatures. The load shift and roll performance characteristics of the vehicle with the optimal cross-sections are compared with those of the currently used various other types of tank cross-sections (for various liquid fill conditions); here, the manufacturing cost comparison of local against the imported tankers also duly analyzed referring the cost-break down approach in local factories. The results have been compared and the conclusions with advantages are discussed to decide in selection of the optimal tank cross sectional geometry for shape modeling. The modeling of the tank structure along with the simplified bogie supporting the fluid wagons is done by using the Solidworks 2014 software to show the shape and the relative part mates‟ contacts to perform the allowable relative motion analysis with respect to the mate. The behavior of the fluid wagon containing the viscous fluids of preferably petroleum base natural oil during the vehicle running has been simulated using both Simpack and ANSYS fluent CFD workbench packages after performing the modeling and the meshing analysis. The graphic result reports from Analytic and each of the MBS softwares have been compiled and discussed so as to observe in comparing the load, the stress and the motion results to decide the critical motion parameters.



Sloshing, Freight transport, Baffle, Tank Wagon, Multi-Body Simulation MBS, cost break-down, inviscid