Demographic Determinants of Impulse Buying Tendency in Megenaga Weekend Market

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Addis Ababa University


Impulsive buying tendency is one factor that affects consumers ‘decision to prefer a product that is available on open weekend markets in Megenaga and it also helps marketers to prepare their plans and strategies. The main objectives of the study were to investigate the effect of demographic variables called age, gender, marital status and income. The researcher used Descriptive, exploratory, quantitative and empirical research methods. Closed-end questionnaire was used in collecting data through Quota sampling from two hundred ninety-four (294) respondents and potential buyers with a response rate of 89.6%. Research Data was analyzed to obtain descriptive statistics like normality, reliability test and comparing inferential analyses (i.e. multiple linear regressions, independent t-test and one-way ANOVA) and other analyses with the aid of (SPSS) version 21.0 According to the study findings, from all four factors included in the research, namely cognitive, behavior, affective and impulsive that are important in assessing their buying tendency towards Megenaga. The analyses of the demographic variables showed that income exhibit a higher level of significant relationship with impulse buying tendency while age, and gender show lesser amount of it. Further, an inverse relationship was found between impulsive buying tendency and marital status. It was also shown that Ethiopian buyers have shown moderately impulsive buying tendency and vendors operating in the weekend markets in Ethiopia can segment the market according to the level of impulsive tendency of consumers which contributes to advance the appropriate positioning and marketing mix strategies



Impulse, Impulsive Buying Tendency, Demographic Factors