Assessment on Project Management Practices: A Case Study on SNV’s Gender and Youth Empowerment in Horticulture Market (GYEM) Project

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Addis Ababa University


Project management has evolved over time to a sophisticated and complex process, becoming the principal mean of dealing with change in modern organizations. Project management practices help organizations and practitioners to identify their priorities and develop related competencies to achieve their project targets. The current study intends to assess the practice of project management practice on A Case Study on SNV’s Gender and Youth Empowerment in Horticulture Market (GYEM) Project by establishing relationships between the ten knowledge areas as per PMBOK guidelines. A total of 8 people has participated in this survey for their direct and strong involvement in the project. Data was collected through email using a well-structured research questionnaire. The collected data is analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative methods with descriptive research techniques. Percentages and mean were used to analyze the data obtained. The findings of this study show that, the project has practiced a proper time, cost and scope management as well as an average appliance of quality management. The result has as well acknowledged a cohesive practice of project human resource, stakeholder, integration and procurement management while noticing a lack of agreeableness on project risk management practice. The researcher further took subjective judgement to notice a weak communication management. Thus, this study suggested for the project to implement project management knowledge areas by following formal procedures based on the processes under each knowledge areas.



Project management, Project management knowledge areas, Project management practice