The Effect of Project External Environmental Factors on Project Success in the Banking Industry: The Case of T24 R-20 Core Banking System Re-Implementation in Nib Bank

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Addis Ababa University


The concept of a Core Banking system specifically and an IT project generally may be impaired without good knowledge and successful management of the impact of external environmental factors influencing the performance of a project. As a result, this study aims at identifying the effect of external environmental factors on project success. The instrument used for the data collection was a structured questionnaire. This data was collected from 67 individuals who participated in the t24 core banking system re-implementation project. The analysis method is regression analysis. Twenty-two facets were identified as an indicator of the factors influencing the project's success and they were categorized under clusters; political, economic, social, technological, and legal factors. The result of the regression analysis revealed that the clusters of the economic, technological, social factors and have significant and positive effects on project success. While the cluster of legal and political factors has no significant effect on the project's success. In line with the findings of this study, recommendations like planning and risk mitigation mechanism as well as suggestions for further study are forwarded



Project success, Environmental factors