Assessing the Organizational Risk Management Culture of Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC)

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Addis Ababa University


This study aims to empirically test the existence of risk management culture in Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) an autonomous public body established by virtue of the council of Minsters Regulation No.366/2015. Since construction projects are exposed to risks large companies like ECWC expected to implement organizational risk management and its risk culture expected to develop as an effective means to manage risk holistically. To explore the risk management culture of the corporation quantitative method through questioner survey having ten basic and twenty-seven Likert items is adopted as means of data collection. The data collected from 40 respondents who are all managerial employe of the corporation is analyzed by SPSS version 27 and the result confirms the risk culture of the corporation is in a good level. In other words, the organizational culture of the corporation has influence on the risk management practice of the corporation. A sound risk culture in the corporation will assist risk issues discussed and escalated at all levels within the corporation and employees will not see risk management as compliance issue. To asses the level of risk culture the six dimensions of risk culture identified by(Ching et al., 2021) are used as independent variables and in conceptual framework. The study will contribute an input to assess correlation between organizational risk management culture and organizational risk management implementation as both are not substitutes but complements



Organizational risk management, Organizational risk management culture