An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction with Kaldi's Coffee

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Addis Ababa Universty


In the present competitive world, success of every company or organization lies in the satisfaction of its customers. This is essentially applied in the restaurant sector too. This study is designed to assess and analyze the level of customer satisfaction and what determines customer satisfaction in the context of Kaldi's coffee. Additional attempt has been made to examine the level of overall service quality and its association with customer satisfaction, along with other determinants of the same. For the purpose, research methodology using questionnaire as the instrument of primary data collection was developed and administered on 250 respondents, selected randomly across 11 Kaldi's cafeterias in the Addis Ababa city. Findings reveal that strong significant correlations exist among the variables, considered to be the determinants of customer satisfaction and services quali ty. Multiple regression analysis examined conflict handing and need fulfillment dimensions of service quality, contributing significantly to develop satisfied customers.



Customer Satisfaction, Service Quality, Kaldi's Coffee, Ethiopia