Making Information on Ethiopia Available on the Internet: a Case Study of Tourism in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Internet which is paving the 'Nay for the global information super highway has become one of the big issues in the world. This big network of networks with its famous applications like E-mail, World wide web, Internet relay chat, etc., is , benefiting people in the world in their day to day activities. It is only recently that Africa has started drinking from this sea of information . Ethiopia which has been using a store and forward (e-mail only) system of electronic communication starting from January became part of the 1997 through the Internet world ETC (Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation) Internet. With the expansion of Internet facilities came the wide area hypermedia information retrieval system, the World Wide Web, which made it possible to access large universe of multimedia documents world wide. Ethiopia should benefit by publishing its information on various sectors on the WWW by using its current Internet connectivity which will enable her to contribute to the sea of Information and benefit as well In this study, the birth and origin of Internet and its current structure have been discussed . The nature and characteristics of the famous application of Internet, the World Wide Web have been explained. The potential benefits that can be derived by Ethiopia by publishing on the Web have been elaborated, and possible areas that could be published on the World Wide web about Ethiopia have been identified. The current situations related to tourism information and application of World Wide Web have been discussed. The basic issues that should be taken into consideration in designing a Web page, like style of Web page design , steps to follow, and basic software and hardware requirements for a Web server have been explained. A prototype Web page on tourism information on Ethiopia , a priority area as indicated in this research, has been developed . Concluded that it is high time for various organizations and institutions in Ethiopia, particularly in the area of tourism, business , and education, to plan their home page and publish on the WWW. The prototype Web page can be a starting point for further research along this line in Ethiopia.



Information Science