Prevalence and Pattern of Jaw Cysts among Patients who Visited Maxillofacial Surgery Department from January 2018 to January 2020, Retrospective Analysis.

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Addis Ababa University


Background: Cysts are pathologic cavity within the hard and soft tissue which may contain fluid, semi fluid or gaseous material either lined by an epithelium, fibrous tissue or neoplastic tissue involving the bone and soft tissue. It occurs more in the jaw bones commonly due to the presence of numerous rests of odontogenic epithelium that remain after tooth development (1). Epithelial intraoseaous cysts can either be odontogenic or nonodontogenic. Odontogenic cysts are cysts that arise from tooth germ apparatus. Nonodontogenic cysts are cysts that arise from the epithelial remnants of embryonic structures(2). Depending on the type of cystic lesion whether odontogenic or nonodontogenic their distribution seems to vary according to different age groups as well as sex distributions(8,9). Some even seem to show preference to specific anatomic sites and demographics differences (2,11). Methodology: Cross sectional retrospective study were conducted on patients report cards from patients who visited the oral and maxillo facial surgery outpatient department(OPD) in both black lion hospital & dental center at Addiss Abeba University college of health science, whom were registered from January 2018 up to January 2020. All the data from the charts with a diagnosis of odontogenic and nonodontogenic cysts who fulfilled the criteria were used in the study. Data's regarding demography, duration, cystic type, anatomic location and specific cystic diagnosed and intervention were reviewed from the chart. Result: From a total of 70 cases 59(84.3%) were Odontogenic cyst and 11(15.7%) were non odontogenic, in which 38(54.3%) were females and 32(45.7%) were males, with a female to male ration off 1.19.The mean and median ages were 30.01 and 26 respectively (SD=13.844). Among this 51(72.9%) were Periapical cysts, 4(5.7%) were Dentigerous cysts. The most prevalent remaining Nonodontogenic cyst were Nasolabial, Nasopalatine cysts, Lateral periodontal and Residual cysts. The commonest age groups were the first and second decades of life. The location of this cysts were mostly in Anterior maxilla 49(70%). Conclusion: Odontogenic cysts were the most frequent lesion of the jaw that was in this study. Females were more commonly affected. Periapical cyst followed by Dentigerous cyst were the most common inflammatory and developmental odontogenic cysts respectively.



Jaw cysts,Surgery