Change Management and Organization Performance: Pre- Post Case Study at Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to investigate the pre and post implementation of change management (BSC and strategic planning) on performance of Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are employed. The data are gathered from employees of the Ministry through survey questionnaires, and from directorate heads through interviews and focus group discussions. The researcher identified that the major bottleneck for implementation of strategic planning and BSC are lack of adequate resources for training and software, extent of staff participation and lack of adequate resources The research established that the balanced scorecard is a useful tool. It helps organizations to turn visions into reality with accuracy and efficiency. Strategy and BSC implementation therefore require that all business units, support units and employees be aligned and linked to the strategy and scorecard. The study concludes that the main objective of the Balanced ScoreCard is to bring the different perspectives (finance, internal business processes, learning, growth and clients) together in a uniform system. The study recommends organizations to adopt balanced scorecard and strategic planning for measuring performance and for better progress. But it should make deep investigation in implementing any management tools. Taking one or more countries as reference is not enough rather it is better to see or analyse the environment in which the organization is working. Finally the paper provides information and suggestions that are helpful for companies that are interested in developing strategic planning and balanced scorecard. Keywords Balanced Scorecard, Strategic planning and organizational performance



Balanced scorecard, Strategic planning and organizational performance