Assessment of Adjacent RC Buildings Against Free Pounding Distance in Consideration of Soil Structure Interaction

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Addis Ababa University


The pounding action mainly depends on the main character which is the peak lateral displacement of the structural systems due seismic action, the influence of soil structure interaction at seismic event in respect to avoid pounding between two adjacently constructed structures is investigated. The modeled structure buildings runs from 6 (G+5) to 26 (G+25) stories with realistic lateral force resisting system and they are studied with different ideal soil class units and with moderate peak ground acceleration value. The result of the structural model systems peak lateral displacement with and without consideration of the effect of soil structure interaction has been presented. Observations of peak lateral displacement regarding the consideration of different class soil type are discussed. The result of the study indicates providing minimum free pounding distance is something elegant to avoid the pounding action in any circumstance and consideration of the soil structure interaction significantly influence the pounding free distance in affirmative way by avoiding pounding that comes from additional peak lateral displacement of the systems.



Structural Engineering