The Role Of Logistic Management Information System Practice On The Logistic Operational Performance In The Case Of Alle Bejimila Ethiopian Trading Enterprise

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Addis Ababa University


The study has been conducted with the role of logistic management information system practice on the logistic operational performance in the case of Alle bejimila Ethiopian Trading Enterprise. This study adopted a quantitative method, descriptive and explanatory research designs and survey as the research methodology. Accordingly, out of 130 employees taken as a population of the study, using random sampling technique, a questionnaire was distributed to 97employeesof Alle Bejimila head office working in logistics and supply chain department and cash and carry stores located in Addis Ababa and 69 usable questionnaires were collected with a response rate of 71%. Data obtained through questionnaire has been analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics: descriptive statistics for demographic variables, LMIS practice and LMIS performance in the form of frequencies, mean and standard deviation using tables, inferential statistics to show the effect of Logistic Management Information System Practice on logistic performance in Alle Bejimla the analysis were supported by SPSS 2005 software. The study focused and discovered the current logistics management information system activities that have an impact on overall logistics management performance of the company namely; inventory management, Warehouse management, transportation management, customer service management and information flow management. Empirical findings of the study showed that Alle Bejimla uses the required technology to manage its inventory, transport and warehouse system. However, there is a skilled man power gap to operate the technology and the system deployed. The enterprise shall train its employees so as to make them skillful to operate the technology employed in logistics management information system warehouse and inventory management system.



LMIS, Technology,, Performance, logistic management, practice