Assessment of Project Quality Management Practices in Government Mega Projects in Addis Ababa: The Case of Meskel Square Smart Parking

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Addis Ababa University


Quality is one of the most important parameters to consider when embarking on any construction project, and it is a crucial component to consider, so this study will evaluate the quality management approach in Addis Ababa City Government mega project construction office: the case of Meskel square smart parking project in order to assess this component; quality management process, top management commitment, challenges faces while implementing quality management and the tools and techniques used were considered as variables. To achieve these goals, data collected using quantitative methods from a sample frame of 54 people, with a response rate of 90% of project staff and team members who are related to the project. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive statistics focusing on frequency, percentage and mean value and were generated using the statistical program for the social sciences (SPSS) version 26. According to the findings, the organization does not use all stages of the quality management process, policies, tools, and techniques. There is lack of proper trainings and skilled experts. It also identified both the internal and external challenges and obstacles faced throughout the project. The study recommended that the organization prepare well defined quality policies and guidelines as a base to sustain project quality and introduce quality management tools, techniques and trainings to develop the team’s skills to enhance the success of mega project constructions.



Quality management, Project quality management process, Project, Mega project