The Verb Morphology of Jijiga Somali

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis attempts to investiga te and describe the morphology of Jijiga Somali a nd the focus systems of the la nguage. Somali is one of the EastCushitic languages in the Mro -Asiatic phylum. The data were .collected from native informants, and the methods used for data collection were elicitation along with transcription. The thesis has five chapters. The first chapter gives general information about the language and the people. Chapter two and three deal with the inflectional and derivational morphology off verbs, and chapter four gives a brief discussion of the focus systems of the language. Finally, summary is given in chapter five.In the study it is found out that verbs of the langue are inflected for tense, aspect, mood, and agreement. Besides, it is indicated that verbs of the language can be derived from verbal stems and non verbal stems. Regarding the focus system, focus words and word order variation are used to show the focused information in the constructions.



Verb Morphology