Factors That Affect Public Property Disposal Service: The Case Of Ministry Of Agriculture And Natural Resource

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Addis Ababa University


This study was conducted at Addis Ababa University College of Commers. The objective of the study was to identify the factors that affect public property disposal in Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (MoANR). It explains how other scholars have written about disposal of un used stocks and environmental issues in general. The research strategy such as type of design, scope and limitations of the study are explained also the nature and type of data; sampling procedures, measurement and data collection, data processing and data analysis was also explained, also the analysis of the findings was provided whereby the bases of conclusion and recommendations was found and which will enable the MoANR to improve and increase its efficiency. The research design is made based on descriptive and explanatory research approaches. The researcher distributed 110 questionnaires and 84 were filled and returned. Both primary and secondary data were used throughout this research. The methods which the researcher used to collect data were; questionnaire, focus group discussion and observation. The finding chapter provides answers to the research questions (What are the factors that affect public property disposal in MoANR? How the factors affect public property disposal in MoANR, What kind of improvement can be made on the property disposal system MoANR), which were formulated to assist in achieving the objectives of the study. After the study and after editing the findings analysis proved that MoANR property disposal was affected by factors such as; efficiency, responsibility, demand driven, leadership, policy, staff efficiency, man power, the use of ICT and obsolete hazards. The result of this study indicates that the independent variables positively affect the dependent variable (disposal performance) to a significant extent. These factors explain 76.4% of disposal performance, while the rest 23.6 is explained by other factors which are not subject of this study. So the recommendation solutions for the factors have been suggested and these factors should be worked up on as soon as possible



efficiency, responsibility, demand driven