Rural Urban Linkages and Local Economic Development in Ankesha Wereda, Awi Zone, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This study sought to examine the nature of rural urban linkages and its effect on local economic development in Ankesha wereda, Awi Zone Ethiopia. This study aims that mutual development of both urban and rural area requires sustainable local economic development. The literature review focused on local economic development in the context of the rural-urban interface including an analysis of the aims of local economic development, the processes of local economic development, and the enablers of local economic development. The data were gathered mainly through in-depth interviews with local economic development actors including farmers, traders, small-scale manufacturers, and questionnaires with local authoritiesin both rural and urban areas . Out of 165 sampled participants 135 interviews (112 farmers, 13 traders, and 10 small-scale manufacturersworkers) and also 30questionnaires (local authorities ) wereconducted . The study used mixed method approach more of qualitative research than quantitative research and also random sampling technique was mainly used to select the research subjects The findings of the study show that the rural urban linkage was very week and there is limited mutual development between both spatial units, this resulted week local economic development in this study area . Finally this study recommended that, it needs to develop marketing relationships between local economic development actors including farmers, traders, and small scale manufacturers, to encourage the flow of reliable market information. It is important to develop an integrated local economic development program coordinating stakeholders from both urban and rural areas, starting with design through to implementation and evaluation, improve the provision of physical infrastructures such as rural feeder roads and better and more reliable power supplies would facilitate the flow of resources between urban and rural area and also needs to increase levels of production by facilitating the access of farmers to affordable modern agricultural inputs, and favorable rural microfinance. Mainly access of transport would strengthen the rural urban linkage and local economic development. Key words: local economic development, rural development, urban development,rural urban linkage, agriculture, industries, marketing,trade,Ethiopia,Amhara,Awi,Ankeshawereda



local economic development, rural development, urban development,rural urban linkage, agriculture, industries