Assessing Integrated Tourism Marketing Communication Practices of Ethiopia for International Market

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Addis Ababa University


Tourism promotion efforts as a basic in the tourism demand have been overwhelmingly neglected in rigorous studies especially in Ethiopia. Moreover, even the very few studies that could be traced focused exclusively on developing country cases and we did not come across any study have been undertaken Ethiopian economies for which tourism accounts significantly to its economies. The purpose of this study is to assess Ethiopia’s practice in terms of integrated tourism marketing communication for the international market. To collect the data both qualitative & quantitative approaches were used so in depth interview, focused group discussions and questioners were the instruments that are used to collect the data. With purposive sampling methods, data source were selected. These data source organizations have a direct role on the promotion of Ethiopia’s tourism resource for the world market. From MoCT and other data sources marketing/promotional department staffs along with top management which are a total of 10 informants are involved for interview and one separate focused group discussions was created to see the practices of integrated tourism marketing communications. Moreover 75 questioner respondent were involved to cross check the qualitative findings. The study findings & results showed that Ethiopia As a country lacks the practices of integrated tourism marketing communications. Based on the research findings the possible Recommendations are forwarded to the concerned institutions and generally to the newly established organization (ETO) for the sake of providing, developing and implementing integrated marketing communications for international market



Integrated Marketing Communication, Tourism