Occupational Stress In Construction Projects: The Case Of Ethiopian Electric Power

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Addis Ababa University


This study was carried out to examine the Ethiopian Electric Power construction project professionals stress factors focusing on the source, impact on project professionals involved and the coping mechanisms employed. To achieve this objective descriptive research design was employed to assess the occupational stress factors. The study used questionnaires that were adapted from previous research works. The quantitative data was analyzed through SPSS version 20 software using statistical tools of frequency, percentage, mean score and standard deviation. Based on the data collected from 78 construction project professionals working under the transmission & substation construction unit of Ethiopian Electric Power; task stressors resulting from work overload and role conflict, organizational stressors resulting from the organizations structure and job autonomy, personal stressors resulting from personality type and home-work conflict were outlined as the major sources of occupational stress. The physical and behavioral consequences of work-related stress are more prevalent. While problem focused and emotion focused coping strategies are used by the construction project professionals. Based on the findings recommendations are forwarded: the management of EEP needs to ensure workload fits with the construction project professionals abilities, keep communication lines open so that workload problems can be reported and clarifications can be made on possible role conflict issues, work closely with the construction project professionals to produce realistic deadlines for tasks, offer its construction project professionals more latitude in decision making on tasks they undertake, discuss occupational stress factors with construction project professionals and provide ways to mitigate them through stress management trainings.



Occupational stress, construction project professionals, sources of occupational stress, consequences of occupational Stress, coping mechanisms